On Wednesday, October 26th, the Central Florida Zoo presented an amazing Wonders of the Rainforest program in our Fellowship Hall. The children created their own rainforest, and learned fascinating facts about rainforests of the world and all the food, plants, and products that come from the rainforest. Anticipation mounted as each rainforest animal was introduced, including the red-eyed tree frog, the macaw, green iguana, red-footed tortoise and the kinkajou!

On Tuesday, October 25th, Osceola students welcomed their favorite local author, Marian Tomblin to Great Kids. Mrs. Tomblin shared her experiences as a third grader at Osceola Elementary, and how her teachers inspired her love of writing! The highlight of Mrs. Tomblin’s visit was when she read an excerpt from her book, “Mystery of Hotel Ormond.” We are anxious to discover how the mystery is solved!

Great Kids LOVED our visit to Angell & Phelps chocolate factory! We were amazed to see how the chocolate makers worked to create all kinds of unique candy bars! Our tour guides taught us all about the fancy machines and the process of melting and molding chocolate to make the coolest candy creations! We learned that candy makers work in a cold environment and they need to be very skilled and artistic!


On Monday, September 26th, Great Kids welcomed Anthony Wild and Don Quellette from Kids Rock the Nation. Their program combined Christian Education with music, and featured powerful lessons about how music can impact our lives. Mr. Wild's lesson inspired us to continue developing leadership skills of being proactive and setting goals. Our students learned that perseverance and having a passion for developing our talent leads to success in reaching your dreams. Thank you for giving us a new perspective in discovering the joy and healing powers of music!

On September 16th, our girls cheered at the Seabreeze High Schol football game with their cheerleader "sisters" under Municipal Stadium's Friday Night Lights. Throughout the week, Great Kids' girls attended cheerleading practice at Seabreeze High to prepare for their cheerleading debut. Thank you to Principal Rawlings and Coach Amy Pantages for sharing their talented cheerleaders with us, and for hosting the tailgating celebration. Our girls love their new Seabreeze Cheerleader t-shirts, and will forever remember this special evening of fun (we especially loved the stunts)! The staff of Great Kids and FUMC will reminisce with our girls as familiar chants of We Say Seabreeze and Go, Baby, Go echo through our hallways during the next few months.

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