On September 16th, our girls cheered at the Seabreeze High Schol football game with their cheerleader "sisters" under Municipal Stadium's Friday Night Lights. Throughout the week, Great Kids' girls attended cheerleading practice at Seabreeze High to prepare for their cheerleading debut. Thank you to Principal Rawlings and Coach Amy Pantages for sharing their talented cheerleaders with us, and for hosting the tailgating celebration. Our girls love their new Seabreeze Cheerleader t-shirts, and will forever remember this special evening of fun (we especially loved the stunts)! The staff of Great Kids and FUMC will reminisce with our girls as familiar chants of We Say Seabreeze and Go, Baby, Go echo through our hallways during the next few months.

Our students loved ERAU's basketball camp this summer! The camp offered a great learning experience for 125 students of various age groups, elementary through high school. Children improved their basketball skills and also learned valuable lifeskills such as having a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a commitment to learning. It was a fun week of camp, and we are grateful for Coach Ridder and his amazing coaching staff! Thank you, ERAU and Coach Ridder for providing Great Kids with an awesome summer camp experience!

Our end-of- the-year celebration included an afternoon of skating at Skate and Shake. The children skated to their favorite songs, and Ms. Cheryl provided plenty of entertaining games throughout the skate session. Thank you, Cheryl Gray, for hosting a wonderful event! We can’t wait to come back next year!

Great Kids hosted a special Family Night on May 2nd to celebrate our children's wonderful achievements! Family members were super proud as their child taught about leadership habits and demonstrated their favorite interactive learning programs on the iPad.

During the month of March, Great Kids welcomed seven community leaders to share their knowledge about leadership. Our students enjoyed meeting these inspirational leaders, and learned valuable leadership principles. On Day Two we welcomed many community leaders including Mayor Ed Kelley, Chamber of Commerce Leader Linda Camp, Police Captain Jesse Godfrey and Sergeant Tom Elkins, Commander Dave King, FUMC Pastor Scott Smith and Mr. Carl Persis.

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