Great Kids students are very excited about our new garden. Our gardening project began with making a plan to plant our vegetables to be sure they will grow successfully. It's interesting to learn how to grow food in small spaces! We planted zucchini squash, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries. Our future farmers are continuing to learn about the life cycles of edible plants and composting. We are excited to learn and share in our city’s community garden!


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Great Kids welcomed a special guest from Ponce De Leon Lighthouse on Wednesday, March 8. Mary Wenzel, Director of the Lighthouse Outreach Program provided an engaging unit of study for the children. Our students learned about life for the lighthouse keepers and their families during the early days of the lighthouse, and examined many everyday tools from the late 1800’s. We are so proud and excited to have the Ponce De Leon Lighthouse in Volusia County, and we understand how important the lighthouse has been to sailors since 1887.


Our family-friendly event for the month of February included an evening of basketball fun at Embry-Riddle’s ICI Center. Pre-game events included a dinner of pizza and dessert, and a warm-up session of basketball, as ERAU’s 2016-2017 talented team demonstrated their skills on the court! Our spirited students cheered on their all-time favorite basketball team, watching the ERAU Eagles defeat the Tampa Spartans, 82-75. Promotional events included a Red Light, Green Light contest starring Keyvious, Jose, James, Jacob, Javin and Riley, and a Fastest Dresser/Dribbling Race featuring Kadin and Rodrigo. Each participant received an Embry Riddle basketball. This experience captured the essence of what our students are learning about leadership – responsibility, synergy, respect, and humility. The memory of this night will long live on in the hearts of our Great Kids.








Great Kids celebrated Veterans Day at Rockefeller Gardens Park with several of our favorite local veterans, Sergeant Tim Forrester and Vietnam veteran, Tom Clausen. Debbie Kruck Forrester, leader of Ormond Strong, presented our students with flags and soldiers to bring home as a reminder of soldiers serving our country. Students worked in teams during a boot camp hosted by Sergeant Forrester. Our children were filled with admiration for these local heroes, their courage and determination to keep us safe. We are truly grateful that veterans make our world a better place.

Saturday, November 5th was a picture-perfect day for our Ormond Beach City Explorer event! Each Explorer team received a City Tour passport with seven sites to explore. Our five teams visited seven sites throughout the city, hosted by local volunteers from Great Kids and the Junior League. Each guide described detailed accounts of the people and places in Ormond Beach’s history, and provided tours of interesting sites such as the Casements, Rockefeller Gardens, Fortunato Park, Anderson-Price Memorial Building, Rose Villa, Three Chimneys and Central Park. Following the event, an old-fashioned picnic was held at the Birthplace of Speed Park, where local musician Brad Yates shared recollections of his experiences with the Allman Brothers in the late 1960s/early 1970s. A trivia contest included stories about local celebrities and a review of Ormond Beach history learned throughout the day. Teams received raffle prizes donated by local restaurants and businesses. Thank you to all our sponsors and volunteers for making this such a fun and memorable event for our participants!

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