Sunday was the perfect day to celebrate our Pirate Fest with Great Kids & families, Krewe of the 13 Pirates, and our supportive community! Our scavenger hunt participants learned all about the infamous Captain Kidd and Blackbeard during their journey through the mini golf course. Guests were entertained by the Krewe of the 13 (the most popular present-day “pirates”) and “Mr. Brad” Yates provided the best music throughout the day. Our dedicated volunteers helped with face painting, scavenger hunts, and serving pizza. We are especially grateful to Pam Fitzgerald, Sarah & Isabel Pappa, Kayla Schoen, Joan Brockway, Amelia & Jacob Bonjour, Brittney Boyce & Michael & Bob Morelli, Christine Oltean, Ruth Cuenca and Pirate’s Cove staff for making this day such a fun & memorable event for our children. Special thanks to our awesome sponsors~ Daytona International Speedway, Walmart, Angell & Phelps, FPL, Bruno's Pizza, McDonald's, Hot House Yoga, Mitchell Noel Insurance, Daytona Racing & Card Club, Microflex, Learning Outsource Group, Glenn Yarborough, Bill's Custom Cabinets, Dr. Elizabeth Morejon and Ryan Ochipa State Farm Insurance for your continued support.






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Great Kids welcomed our favorite dentist, Dr. Sondra Avant this week. We learned some tips to take good care of our teeth and the best method for brushing our teeth with a wiggle jiggle 1, 2, 3. Dr. Avant’s favorite part of her job is helping people feel better and making them healthy. Thank you, Dr. Avant for sharing your exciting career with us and for bringing us those wonderful goodie bags to keep our smiles healthy and beautiful.


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Our aspiring marine biologists enjoyed an up-close encounter with the friendly dolphins of Marineland. Our dolphin friends consumed several buckets of fish during their morning meal (with help from our students). We also explored a variety of sea life and habitats including reef fish from the Gulf Stream, a giant hermit crab, a green moral eel, freshwater turtles, red lionfish, sea turtles and our favorite, sand tiger sharks. We all agreed that our guide, Mr. Darrell has a very cool job teaching kids about marine life. We had the best day at Marineland!

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Great Kids scientists were all geared up to explore nearly 20 exhibits at the Museum of Arts and Sciences. Students tested race cars, created music and rhythms, assembled roller coasters and examined the inner construction of buildings. The most popular exhibits included the Tennis Ball Launcher, Velcro Ball Fall, Pizza Place and Pull Yourself Up Pulley. Children's science notes summarized their investigations such as: "Sounds make pictures too." (1st grader) "When I threw a stronger pitch, the ball's speed increased." (4th grader) "The size of your heart is the size of your fist." (2nd grader) "I have 206 bones." (kindergarten student) "Using two wheels makes lifting easier." (3rd grader)



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