Thanks to the guidance and expertise of EDC tour guides, our young scientists conducted investigations of local plants and animals in Central Park. It was fascinating to learn about the variety of pollinators- the ruby-throated hummingbird, bees, butterflies, beetles, birds and moths. We learned interesting facts about animals, too. Did you know that bees pollinate one-third of the food we eat? And moths pollinate white flowers because they're easy to find at night. And birds with an extra cone in their eyes pollinate red flowers. During our walking tour through the park, we identified lots of ferns, air plants, Spanish moss and pretty Morning Glories. We found lots of animals along the way, too - dragonflies, anhingas, spiders, snails, cicadas, racoons and turtles. Thank you to Mr. Price, Ms. Evert and all the wonderful volunteers for making learning so much fun!

Friday, October 19th was the perfect evening to celebrate our Pirate Fest with Great Kids & families, Brethren of the Space Coast Pirates, and our supportive community! Thank you to our awesome sponsors- Angell & Phelps, Checkered Flag Committee, McDonalds, Pepsi Beverages Corporation, Walmart, Daytona Beach Racing & Card Club, Learning Outsource Group, Halifax Insurance Partners, Ormond Orthodontics, Publix Charities, Microflex, Waste Pro, Linda Covey, Pam & Dan Fitzgerald, Marshall & Donna Snyder, Kim & Marsha Klancke and Dean Romeo. We are especially grateful to the Wells Fargo team and our many dedicated volunteers for making this evening such a fun & memorable event for our children.


Learning about the history of our city is more fun when Ormond Beach’s most famous authors share their stories. For more than 10 years, Alice and Ron Howell have been writing and publishing their own books. The Howells took us back in time to 1868 when the Bostrom family settled in Ormond Beach. After becoming acquainted with the Bostrom’s grandson, the Howells were inspired to write books explaining the history of Ormond Beach.
Mrs. Howell showed us the first books she read when she was our age. And we learned that writers are first good readers. The Howells brought all ten books they’ve written through the years. We cannot wait to get our own copies of their book, Sid and Angela Undercover in Ormond Beach at the Ormond Public Library! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Howell!


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Great Kids enjoyed another evening of fun cheering with the Seabreeze cheerleaders at Municipal Stadium! Thank you to Coach Amy, Mr. Rawlings, and the Seabreeze High School Athletic Department for partnering with our Great Kids community!


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